Whittaker Chambers was a writer for most of his life, chiefly of magazine articles, whether revolutionary or professional news. A majority of his writings were reflective essays or reviews.

Those publications for which he wrote professionally (with last title) included:

  • 1925-1928: The Daily Worker (Foreign Editor)
  • 1931-1932: The New Masses (Editor-in-Chief)
  • 1939-1948: TIME (Special Editor to the Publisher)
  • 1957-1959: National Review (Senior Editor)

While at college at Columbia University, Chambers wrote for and edited The Morningside (now Columbia Review), 1921-1922. While at TIME, he also contributed to The American Mercury and Life. After resigning from TIME, he contributed to Life and Look magazines before joining National Review.

Chambers also wrote poetry, particularly during his 20s (forthcoming).

He also translated many books in the late 1920s and late 1930s (forthcoming).


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