photo detail of Whittaker Chambers at TIME Magazine in the 1940s, by Alfred Eisenstadt Witness, by Whittaker Chambers - 50th anniversary edition by Regnery


New Books in 2009: 2000s:
  • 2008: Tony Judt, Reappraisals
  • 2007: Sam Tanenhaus, An Un-American Life (UK reprint of Whittaker Chambers: A Biography)
  • 2006: John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr, Early Cold War Spies: The Espionage Trials that Shaped American Politics
  • 2005: T. Michael Ruddy, The Alger Hiss Espionage Case
  • 2004: G. Edward White, Alger Hiss's Looking-Glass Wars
  • 2004: Murray Kempton, Part of Our Time: Some Ruins and Monuments of the Thirties (reprint)
  • 2004: David K. Johnson, The Lavender Scare: The Cold War Persecution of Gays and Lesbians in the Federal Government
  • 2003: Leona Schecther with Strobe Talbot, Sacred Secrets: How Soviet Intelligence Operations Changed American History
  • 2003: Patrick Swan (editor), Alger Hiss, Whittaker Chambers, and the Schism in the American Soul
  • 2002: David McKnight, Espionage and the Roots of the Cold War: The Conspiratorial Heritage
  • 2002: Kathryn S. Olmsted, Red Spy Queen: A Biography of Elizabeth Bentley
  • 2001: Ellen Schrecker with Dr Natalie Zemon Davis, The Age of McCarthyism: A Brief History with Documents
  • 2001: Karen Alonso, The Alger Hiss Communist Spy Trial: A Headline Court Case
  • 2001: Brian Lamb, Booknotes: Stories from American History
  • 2000: Herbert Romerstein with Eric Breindel, The Venona Secrets: Exposing Soviet Espionage and America's Traitors
  • 2000: Tony Hiss, View from Alger's Window
  • 2000: Christopher M. Andrew with Vasili Mitrokhin, The Sword and the Shield: The Mitrokhin Archive and the Secret History of the KGB


  • 1950: Ralph de Toledano with Victor Lasky, Seeds of Treason: The True Story of the Hiss-Chambers Tragedy
  • 1950: Alistair Cooke, A Generation on Trial
  • 1950: Jean Francois Chastellain, Espionnage sovietique aux Etats-Unis, l'affaire Alger Hiss & Cie
  • 1951: Hede Massing, This Deception
  • 1952: Whittaker Chambers, Witness
  • 1953: William Allen Jowitt, The Strange Case of Alger Hiss
  • 1955: Murray Kempton, Part of Our Time: Some Ruins and Monuments of the Thirties
  • 1957: Alger Hiss, In the Court of Public Opinion
  • 1958: Fred J. Cook, The Unfinished Story of Alger Hiss
  • 1962: Bert Andrews with Peter Andrews, Tragedy of History
  • 1964: Whittaker Chambers with Duncan Norton-Taylor (editor), Cold Friday
  • 1967: Richard Brandon Morris, Fair Trial
  • 1967: Meyer A. Zeligs, Friendship and Fratricide
  • 1968: Ronald Seth, Sleeping Truth
  • 1973: Isaac Don Levine, Eyewitness to History
  • 1976: John Chabot Smith, Alger Hiss
  • 1977: Tony Hiss, Laughing Last
  • 1978: Allen Weinstein, Perjury
  • 1979: Morton Levitt and Michael Levitt, Tissue of Lies
  • 1988: Alger Hiss, Recollections of a Life
  • 1987: Thomas F. Murphy, Thomas Murphy's cross-examination of Dr. Carl A. Binger in U.S. vs. Alger Hiss
  • 1987: William Howeard Moore, Two Foolish Men
  • 1983: William A. Reuben, Footnote on an Historic Case
  • 1982: Athan G. Theoharis (editor), Beyond the Hiss Case
  • 1999: John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr, Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America
  • 1999: Allen Weinstein, with Alexander Vassiliev, The Haunted Wood: Soviet Espionage in America: the Stalin Era
  • 1997: Ralph de Toledano, Notes from the Underground: The Whittaker Chambers/Ralph de Toledano Letters, 1949-1960
  • 1997: Sam Tanenhaus, Whittaker Chambers: A Biography
  • 1996: Bob Oeste, Last Pumpkin Paper (novel)
  • 1993: Doreen Rappaport, The Alger Hiss Trial
  • 1993: Beatrice Gwynn, Whittaker Chambers: The Discrepancy in the Evidence of the Typewriter
  • 1993: Esme J. Worth, Whittaker Chambers: The Secret Confession
  • 1990: Christopher M. Andrew with Oleg Gordievsky, KGB: The Inside Story of Its Foreign Operations from Lenin to Gorbachev
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