Whittaker Chambers at Foley Square courthouse 1948

The Hiss Case nosed its way into popular culture via Hollywood in shorts like “Dunked in the Deep” (1949) with the Three Stooges and in Alfred Hitchcock‘s spy-romance-thriller North By Northwest (1959), featuring Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint.

(Do you know of other instances?)

Click through to see videos at the page The Hiss Case in Hollywood.”

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  1. John Berresford says:

    Wonderful! I had never seen the Three Stooges episode. I would also add, from North by Northwest, the scene towards the end (I think at 2:09:24)where Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint flee towards the top of Mt. Rushmore with microfilm in a small statue. He says to her “I see you’ve got the pumpkin.” Finally, I’d add Advise and Consent, the 1962 movie about Washington politics, which concerns a State Department nominee (Henry Fonda) who is accused of past Communist associations by a mysterious and maybe mentally ill malcontent (Burgess Meredith). The parallel to Hiss and Chambers is clear. In the movie, Fonda denies the charge in public but admits its truth in private.

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