Detail from TIME's December 24, 1945, cover

Nearly seven decades ago, Whittaker Chambers wrote TIME‘s cover story “Christmas 1945.”

Back then, it was “the first Christmas without war” for seven years: for Christmas 2012, Americans remain fighting in Afghanistan after more than a decade. Back then, Chambers was concerned about “the Bomb”: sadly, that fear remains more widely distributed and entrenched.

Read more about then (and now) in “Christmas 1945.”

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  1. Avery says:

    Hallo David,

    Responding to your comment on my blog from two weeks ago (I was on vacation). I skimmed the sources mentioned in my blog post but I really only treated Chambers himself as reliable. My interest in writing the post was to see what Japanese people thought of Hideo Noda.

    Google Books is getting better for Japanese and I was now able to find a 1990 book about his life in Japanese. It translates Chambers’ account and may use other sources as well. Obviously the full book isn’t available for me to read, and I’m located in a very rural area, but I plan to take a trip into the Big City next month and I can look for it there if you like.

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